St Alban's,

Kaipara Flats

19 Old Woodcocks Road, Kaipara Flats

Services : 11.15am on the first Sunday of the month

St Clement, Kourawhero, built in 1860, was the first Anglican Church in Rodney County.

Land was donated, a plan approved, materials and labour donated and the settlers had a centre for their community. However, in 1905, the railway reached Kaipara Flats which soon became the hub of the district. A new church was donated by Mrs Henry and dedicated to St Alban on 30th May 1914; it seated only 24 people. Unfortunately, borer became rampant so it was replaced by a prefabricated shell fitted out by the congregation and dedicated on 20th December 1964.

The old St Clement's Church was sold in about 1919 and moved to Kaukapakapa to serve as the local church. In 1979 it became redundant and, now deconsecrated, it forms part of a dwelling at 16 South Avenue, Kaukapakapa. The site of the original church at Kourawhero remains in church ownership as a cemetery, now open only for the interment of ashes, on Old Kaipara Road, Kaipara Flats.