Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals

Weddings - we welcome enquiries from couples seeking a Christian wedding. Services will usually be taken by the Vicar or another member of the parish clergy team. See our Wedding Booklet

Baptisms - we respond positively to all enquiries for baptisms (christening a child is another term for the same thing). This journey begins with a conversation with the Vicar in the first instance. See our Baptism Booklet

Funerals - we are happy to offer a Christian funeral service to anyone, whether or not they are currently members of our Parish.

We usually suggest that you have your Funeral Director liaise with us regarding the availability of our church and clergy. Once notified of a bereavement, the priest taking the funeral will contact you family to offer our support and to make arrangements to plan the service. Ministry is offered to bereaved families irrespective of their church affiliation and every effort is made to provide a funeral service which is appropriate to the circumstances of the deceased and their family.