Our Worship

If you are visiting, or if this is your first time in an Anglican Church, then a lot of what we do might be new to you and some of it may even seem a little unusual. That’s OK! We don’t expect people to be “professionals” at church-attending. You are very welcome to just come in, take a seat, observe and join in as much or as little as you want to.

As part of the Anglican Church, we draw on a rich heritage and ancient tradition of liturgy and worship to help guide our services. At the same time we also aim to incorporate more modern elements and contemporary music. What this means is that our services are often a mix of both ancient and modern.

We also understand that there might be things in the service that you may struggle to accept or understand. That's OK too! Although we are a place of faith, we know that some people will be on a journey. Most of all, we don’t require that you fully believe all - or even any - of what we do before you come along.

But, at its simplest, we are trying to tell the story of our faith in God and His great love for us in Jesus. Our hope is that others will find Jesus and experience the grace and freedom that comes from knowing Him. Perhaps somewhere in all of what we do you will find that God speaks to you.

You can read a fuller guide to a typical Anglican service in our Guide to Services.